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Politically Connected Bank Gets a Dodd-Frank Waiver

tynar Wrote: Jun 04, 2012 12:13 PM
Financial Sector 1. Rampant fraud, reckless mismanagement 2. Bailouts of the worst actors 3. Overwhelming debt, liability imposed on taxpayers 4. Hair-of-the-dog monetary policy aimed at recapitalizing insolvent banks 5. Promote business-leaders, policy-makers who are chronically compromised 6. Conglomeration of Systemically Dangerous Institutions into more empowered menace OTS Dir Gillerin Chain Saw Massive De-Regulation 2003 FDIC-Report Bill Black interview: The Warning:

Bloomberg News reports that Emigrant Bank in New York will be the sole recipient of a Dodd-Frank exemption. The bank asked legislators on the House Financial Services Committee to change the language of the financial regulations slightly, exempting Emigrant from having to comply and saving the bank $300 million.


A New York...