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Marco Rubio Campaigning for Tea Party Candidate in Indiana

tynar Wrote: Jun 04, 2012 1:26 PM
Watch out for Daniels he is NWO-CFR-IMF-NATO-connected-type ! Not what Tea Party Cons want in the White House ! He's linked to NWO-Perry who is telling Mark Levin to stay out of the Dewhurst vs Cruz TX primary race. NWO-CFR is pushing Daniels for the VP spot, He's ok as IN-Gov but not on the Pres-level where his NWO role might be kicked in, whether he-we like it or not. Daniels leased the IN-Tpk out to an EU-Spanish toll-road-mgmt co in a PPP instead of to a US-based-owned co. Fast-big-EU-$-US-$-cash upfront but not a good deal for IN or the USA's sovereignty in the long run ! He might seem like a good VP-choice but he's NWO-CFR connected. Daniels was GB-2's OMB Office Dir 2001-2003. Can't we find similar without the NWO connection ?

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is in Indiana today campaigning and fundraising for Tea Party backed Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who beat out long time Republican Senator Richard Lugar in a heated primary race last month. Mourdock has received endorsements from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and conservative Michelle Malkin. Mourdock winning the general election is crucial to Republican efforts to flip the Senate in November.