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Holder's Chutzpah

tynar Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 6:17 AM
1-10-2012 - President Obama has appointed open border/amnesty advocate Cecilia Munoz to replace Melody Barnes as the head of the Domestic Policy Council. Munoz, a strong supporter of the failed DREAM Act, is the former senior vice president for the radical open-border National Council of La Raza. Muñoz is now serving as the White House's director of intergovernmental affairs and is in charge of outreach to state and local governments. 2011/04/27/la_raza_students_chain_themselves_to_chairs_in_protest La Raza
tynar Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 6:18 AM
Fed-State-County-elections are won or lost by 10-100-1000 votes all the time, this critical situation must be completely-resolved-fixed, ASAP, NOW !"

"Massive growth in USA, legal, illegal, non-English speaking Dem-voting-residents !"

We should urge-demand immediate-US-State-Congressional-level-action on this very serious fraudulent situation,

by US-State-County; Congressmen, Senators, Secretary-of-States, Attorney-Generals, Governors, Party Leaders,

Presidential and all above Candidates-Campaign-Teams to demand thorough investigations and the resolving-elimination of fraud-filled voter rolls in every US-State-County.

The removal of every fraudulent-non-citizen-ineligible-name on every-all US-State-County voter rolls,

tynar Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 6:18 AM
This here is an example of a grass-roots-political-issue that we should not let go of. Take local-Couny-State-WDC-action, create a major-political-backlash against the Democrat-Party !

By easily showing-proving that they're by a great-majority the driving-force behind promoting-causing-condoning, desperately trying to continue, cover it up, get away with it, not get caught !

If this potential-critical-election-win-or-lose-issue is kept in the news because we don't let it go away, it will also bring alot more Independent voters over to our side.

In addition to actually resolving-stopping-removing the massive-amount-of fraudulent-ineligible names on voter rolls in every US-State-County.

Take local-County-State-WDC-action on this issue !

Attorney General Eric Holder recently told a group of black clergymen that the right to vote was being threatened by people who are seeking to block access to the ballot box by blacks and other minorities.

This is truly world-class chutzpah, by an Attorney General who stopped attorneys in his own Department of Justice from completing the prosecution of black thugs who stationed themselves outside a Philadelphia voting site to harass and intimidate white voters.

This may have seemed like a small episode to some at the time, but it was only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The U.S. Attorney who was...