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Awkward: Obama Blames Bush for Economy While Standing Next to Him

tynar Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 7:42 AM
Saudi Arabia - 9/11 9-21-11 - A Geo-political analyst discussed evidence of Saudi-intel being involved with 9/11 as well as his concerns surrounding the War on Terror. He pointed to a recent lawsuit brought by ins co Lloyd's of London against the Saudi govt, which alleges that the country was complicit in the Sept-11th-attacks. He said: "We've got evidence being collected that absolutely proves Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11. This does not absolve the terrorists who committed the attack." He stressed that "none of this could have happened, for the last 20 years, without $100s-million from the Saudi royal family." Additionally, he cited a West Point document which says that over half the foreign fighters killing Americans in Afghan, Iraq
tynar Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 7:42 AM
are Saudis. He also addressed a # of suspicious elements surrounding the War on Terror.

Regarding the invasion of Iraq, he said that the early use of ground troops in the country revealed that the govt knew that Saddam Hussein did not actually have WMD.

"If he'd had chemical or biological weapons," he surmised, "we would have had to bomb them into the stone age or we'd never put troops on the ground."

He also noted a resurgence in CIA-sponsored drug trafficking, that numerous govt contracted private planes, shown to be carrying huge amounts of narcotics, have crashed in recent yrs.

Making matter even more nefarious, "in between these flights, they were also taking detainees from Guantanamo Bay to places like Libya to be interrogated."
tynar Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 7:59 AM
9/11 & Corporatism

Reflecting on 9/11 as well as the current state of America, he Expressed profound skepticism for the "official" version of the 9/11 event, declaring that "there's absolutely no possibility that Bin Laden did it."

Instead, he contended that "it had to be nation-state-intel" and suggested Saudi Arabia as a possible suspect.

To that end, he noted that the FBI collected, from the 9/11 Commission, all documentation suggesting such a possibility and promptly classified the information.

Beyond just 9/11, he pointed to the wealthy elite as being behind global unrest and in turn, lamented the rise of "corporatism" in America and warned that it "lends itself to nothing but lies, fabrication, manipulation and theft."

Times like these are exactly why the word awkward was invented.

President Obama welcomed back his predecessor, the ever-maligned George W. Bush and his lovely wife Laura to the White House for the unveiling of their official portraits. The whole event was very dignified, of course, but there's clearly some tension between the two presidents, especially since 44's favorite rhetorical strategy is to blame 43 for...well, everything.

Unfortunately, that verbal tic made its way into Obama's remarks this afternoon, when the current president kinda-sorta blamed the former for the dire economic straights in which we have lately...