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Mark Levin transformed me from an ignorant obama lover to a real conservative
Federal Spending is at record levels as a percentage of GDP. Sorry your faux news has been lying to you.
You can't use executive order to restric the bill of rights unless you are some kind of fascist dictator
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Piers Morgan Threatens to Leave USA

Tyler WA Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 1:14 PM
Why do they claim the 1st and dismiss the 2nd?
Has to be Paul Ryan. He can articulate what needs to be done.
the democrat party only knows race politics
Bush was bad - 4 trillion in 8 years debt Obama is 10 times worse - 6 trillion in 4 years
Obama championed the bailout, he could have opposed it too
Yeah it was stolen. It is not possible that John Mccain got more votes.
David Alexrod's mentor was a communist party member and so was Valerie Jarrett's uncle
your faux news is lying to you
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