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When your opponent is making a mistake - don't stop him. You go Mayor!
Unless I was dating Kate Upton, there is NOBODY I would visit 118 times.
dan rather strenuously objects to these comments!
Gun control isn't about guns. It's about CONTROL.
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Civil War’s A-Brewin’

Tyler93 Wrote: May 02, 2013 7:18 AM
Violence is coming.
“This slide was not produced by the Army and certainly does not reflect our policy or doctrine,” he said. “It was produced by an individual without anyone in the chain of command’s knowledge or permission.” **************************** Umm no. As one who has briefed (faaar too many times) to everyone and everybody from the ranks of E-1 (Private) to O-8 (Two-star General) that's a load of c&%p. At a MINIMUM the briefing was looked over by one NCO or the supervisor of the individual presenting that load of Bull - - -t. And if they (to inc Company Commander, Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant) didn't? Nice letters of counseling. If this was a staff weenie (who could be from E-4 to O-3), same to their first line supervisor.
This would be a joke in many countries. Sadly in ours it is not. Didn't the dem's already elect one bubblehead hollyweird type from Minnesota? (Under suspicious circumstances too). I should change my screen name. Tyler Durden is so passe. It should be "violence is coming".
Declare him a domestic enemy and let's be done with it.
Oh forgot to mention, espn has some odd standards. Can't call a woman "pretty" but jemelle hill can use the term " scum bag " (NC State v Vanderbilt) on live tv.
The only thing offensive about that game was the way Notre Dame played.
Yep, women can't vote, obama goes back to kenya or is enslaved. Way to be PROGRESSIVE lib at heart.
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