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I don't recall anyone electing these companies to dictate our laws. Control of the government by business executives is the dictionary definition of Fascism.
I want to know if the welfare queens in these territories can still apply for the subsidies, despite not having to pay into the system.
sorry, cupcake, your @$$ is not a source of data. 20 million are NOT covered by Obozocare
They documented thousands of votes illegally cast by foreign nationals in Florida alone in 2012.
1 in 4 federal inmates are illegals or foreign nationals; that's a population ratio of 1 in 24 who are felons - a 600% higher rate than the general US population. But "they're just here to better their lives," amirite?
It is a stock photo of a latino gangbanger, nothing more, nothing less
Just because he didn't use the word, "lie" doesn't mean that is exactly what he is attempting to imply.
A More appropriate article headline: "Health Care Savings Accounts Have the Potential to be Better Than Obamacare" As it stands now, many (not all) of the "savings accounts" that have been in operation have been nothing more than casinos vacuuming money from peoples' pockets: many people do not realize that most of the "savings account" systems already out there do not roll over year to year.
Leftists have engaged in revisionism for all of recorded history - does this come as any surprise to anyone, any more?
she admitted that her firm contaminated evidence, schmuck
she admitted that her firm contaminated evidence - if anyone deserves to be raped, it would be you.
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