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boy, this guy just loves to redefine political definitions
alternative headline: "feminism still in prototype phase - not fully understood or materialized by women"
Actually, the vast majority of heavy manufacturing in the UK is based in Scotland - mining and construction equipment, steel, aviation:these types of products and industries are almost exclusively based in Scotland.
...and he also weighed 295 pounds - closer to the size of a young cow than a "child"
Thanks for admitting that you are supporter of fascism. Maybe we should just start posting the home addresses of these people and let nature take care of these people.
I don't recall anyone electing these companies to dictate our laws. Control of the government by business executives is the dictionary definition of Fascism.
I want to know if the welfare queens in these territories can still apply for the subsidies, despite not having to pay into the system.
sorry, cupcake, your @$$ is not a source of data. 20 million are NOT covered by Obozocare
They documented thousands of votes illegally cast by foreign nationals in Florida alone in 2012.
1 in 4 federal inmates are illegals or foreign nationals; that's a population ratio of 1 in 24 who are felons - a 600% higher rate than the general US population. But "they're just here to better their lives," amirite?
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