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Immigration laws are fine as-is. It is a matter of [lack of] enforcement. Congress is under no duty to tamper with them.
It is because they are no longer taught 'how to think,' but rather, 'what to think'
You are to ostupid to live - go catch a bullet with your mouth
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Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

Tyler105 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 3:12 PM
derpa derp "No wate, it makez purfect scense…Sea, I wuz 4 turm limitz beefur I wuz agenst da turm limitz" -Ron Paul "I hav been in offis fur 35 years wif nuffing to show fur itz - I'm not da Statuz Quo" -Ron Paul "cee, pooting ma fingerz in vaginaz makez me a Konstitooshunal xpurt, obveeusslee" -Ron Paul "Sea, sinse da doller iz daklining, we need da gouldz beekuz da Konstitooshun iz Unkonstitooshunal - makez scents 2 mee" -Ron Paul "No, sereeusly. Someone else poot dem racist commentz in ma newzletterz wif ma name – I didn’t du itz" -Ron Paul "I vote agenst da earmarkz aftur I put em in da billz, ‘nd I getz da moneez eneewayz – makez total centz" -Ron Paul
boy, this guy just loves to redefine political definitions
alternative headline: "feminism still in prototype phase - not fully understood or materialized by women"
Actually, the vast majority of heavy manufacturing in the UK is based in Scotland - mining and construction equipment, steel, aviation:these types of products and industries are almost exclusively based in Scotland.
...and he also weighed 295 pounds - closer to the size of a young cow than a "child"
Thanks for admitting that you are supporter of fascism. Maybe we should just start posting the home addresses of these people and let nature take care of these people.
I don't recall anyone electing these companies to dictate our laws. Control of the government by business executives is the dictionary definition of Fascism.
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