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most "moderates" think that there should be a path to citizenship for these criminal parasites.
This single interview will sink his prospects. Fact: 1 in 24 illegals are felons - 590% higher rate than the general US population. Illegals are responsible for the deaths of 25 Americans a day, 12 via murder - worse than having a 9/11 every year.
It is much worse than you think today. They actually have entire programs dedicated to moving people around the country to turn red areas blue, which is partly what happened to Colorado in 2008. Some groups even help activists locate their entire family, and help them run for local offices/councils to begin changing the area like a slow cancer. I am in Arizona; the Wisoncsin radicals that caused so much trouble for Walker were bussed down here in mass for months at a time to cause trouble. If you have time, look up the Turn Texas Blue program - it gets very scary when you get deep into the meat of their ideas.
A stopped clock is right twice a day
It is missing a single word: "the." Much like you are missing a single letter: "a-x-E."
Please - you are anything but a conservative - a true conservative respects the rule of law, which you obviously do not. Department of Corrections: 27% of the federal prison population are illegal aliens and foreign nationals (half of which are in prison for rape) - this rate is 590% higher than the US general population. Census Bureau via Judicial Watch: Majority of illegal aliens on welfare. These people have nothing to contribute to our society - period.
...and use your money to manipulate politics against the will of the people.
People who refuse to differentiate between legal immigrants and illegal aliens deserves no respect or attention.
It has nothing to do with illegal guns; guns are inanimate objects. To the contrary, it has everything to do with the scum that occupy the cesspool known as Chicago.
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"They About to Beat This Boy to Death"

Tyler105 Wrote: Aug 09, 2013 1:59 PM
If Obama had a son...
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