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Washington Can’t Keep Running From Debt Crisis

TX Yankee Wrote: May 10, 2013 7:14 AM
No "work" in the House or Senate is close to the importance of our economy. The debt, the deficit, chronic unemployment, out of control spending...all need to be addressed in a thoughtful manner NOW. Our elected officials need to stop worrying about votes that will lock in their next election and start worrying about what is right for the long term viability of Americ. A question for liberals that might require more intelligence and common sense than they possess: if YOU owned a small business - say a restaurant - and you were making hiring decisions for chef, wait staff, and manager - would you select the people with the shortest term focus, intent on immediate profits even if it meant you'd be bankrupt in 3 years? Or would you look to hire those with a vision for the future. Hint...remember the parable of the goose that laid the golden eggs