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The Second Debate

TX Yankee Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 8:44 AM
Two points - several studies have shown that when you adjust for experience, career choice and education (and discount the time women spend out of the workforce bearing children) the pay difference is no longer seen. Second - if women were worth so much less that employers could cut labor costs by 15-20% by hiring only women, why would any employer ever hire another man? Come on liberals, use your brains. (Oops, sorry, forgot that you don't have brains)

In form, President Obama came back strongly in Tuesday's debate with Mitt Romney, but substantively he continues to lag behind the Republican candidate. That's because the president has a record to defend and it isn't a good one.

Television being what it is, the president looked and sounded good, but the air seems to have gone out of his messianic balloon as voters focus more on facts and less on spin.

If promises mean anything -- and they don't to most politicians -- Romney hit the president where it hurts: on his failure to live up to most of his promises.