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NBC's Cognitive Dissonant Hack Syndrome

TX Yankee Wrote: 22 hours ago (7:07 AM)
Maybe if partisan hacks are needed on MTP, NBC could get Al Sharpton or Melissa Harris Perry to anchor the show? Those two would certainly help the destruction of the NBC brand. Or...NBC could find a reasonable moderator who was at least centrist, if not a bit right leaning...a person who has journalistic chops and who could attract a Tim Russert sized audience.
Check out the Facebook page Kay Hagen for Senate - there are North Carolinians who defend Hagen.
Lies to liberals are like a dog lifting its leg to mark territory...they have to do it because it is in their DNA.
Someone once pointed out that every Democracy will eventually destroy itself. With Pelosi, Reid et all in Congress it may be sooner rather than later
So under Holder we have learned (1) New Black Panthers can engage in voter intimidation (2) Gun Running by the DOJ is not worthy of investigation (3) IRS can target conservatives and suffer no penalty. (4) Casual drug use is permitted in CO & WA (5) Convicted "low level" drug users are worthy of clemency Am I the only cynic here who is willing to bet that the vast number of those eligible for clemency will be black, or in Holder-speak, "My people?"
Why does the right not wake up and start talking about the Democrat war on success? The Democrat war on healthcare? The Democrat war on the truth?
Just wondering - if we suddenly agreed to provide free birth control to EVERY woman, and Uncle Sam agreed to pay for the products deeply religious business owners object to providing, could we then defund Planned Parenthood? We're giving them more than a million dollars a day - for what? If birth control is free, and someone gets pregnant anyway, why do I have to pay twice?
Too bad we can't have a "vote of no confidence," like they can have in a parliamentary system.
The left was fond of claiming that Bush/Cheney "shredded the Constitution." The Obama/Holder tag team of America haters didn't just shred the Constitution, they declared war on conservatives and conservatism in America. But who did the press villify?
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The High Cost of Liberalism

TX Yankee Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 9:33 AM
MaybeCalifornans need to revisit whether water is more useful to humans or to snail darters?
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