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President Hope Abandons It

TX Yankee Wrote: 46 minutes ago (9:11 AM)
Personally, I hope for change. I hope the Senate changes hands come this November. I hope the White House changes hands in 2016. I hope Harry Reid has to account for his lies when he meets his maker. I hope Debbie Wasserman Schultz washes her hair at least once in 2014. I hope all liberals are able to change their minds based on facts.
The sad thing? The list is funny because it is devastatingly accurate.
It seems nearly comedic that fools (tools?) like NRMLUNIT get so worked up about the Bundy case. If the footage of the Nevada landscape we see on the news is accurate, who among us could possibly believe that any amount of cattle could consume a million dollars worth of feed from that hardscrabble land? But the Obama administration expend time and money chasing Bundy - with the explicit approval of the useful idiot class - while ignoring governmental malfeasance caused by the Obama administration: Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, AP - all scandals more insidious than Watergate. Personally, I think if government has to squeeze the orange, they'll get more juice from the IRS than Bundy.
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The Grievance Industry's Spawn

TX Yankee Wrote: 1 hour ago (8:33 AM)
Would it not be absolutely delicious irony if the Obama spawn turned out to be Rush Limbaugh conservatives?
When China seizes a couple of the Philippine Islands we will see Obama pivot to the price of arugula.
Anyone whose IQ level exceeds 12 can see that his presidency is an epic failure. However, conservatives did not even need to wait for his election to know that Obama was running for an office WAY above his pay grade. I recommend that he be demoted to a job in the administration he is more qualified to hold: Men's Room Attendant.
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The Common Core Conundrum

TX Yankee Wrote: Apr 18, 2014 7:17 AM
The real beneficiaries? Not the kids, but the education establishment. They will destroy a crop of young skulls full of mush, and when our kids in grade school today cannot do math, they will develop a whole new system at great cost to the taxpayers. I attended school board meeting and pointed out that the "old way" worked well, and there was no reason to "improve" what worked. I ws told that the kids needed new ways to motivate them to be interested - to which I asked whether confusing kids and failing to teach them 2+2=4 didn't seem terribly motivational to me.
Actually, as much as I detest Hillary and her political ideas, I think she is quite bright. Sadly, she has imbibed way too much liberal Koolaid, so her ability to be CEO of America is very suspect. But she is smart enough to escape the grasp of every scandal she and Bill have been part of.
Or if she now agrees with Obama and the left on the issue of homosexual marriage, the song could be "My Boy Lollipop."
Funny how the left loves to cite public opinion when it supports their arguments, btu grows indignant when the majority oppose their opinions. Abortion? Obamacare? Clearly a majority oppose, but "settled issues" for the left.
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