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I might go further. Show me where in the Constitution there is a right to have sexual relations? This seems to be an activity that is properly between two consenting adults - and if you don't want me in your bedroom watching, then don't expect me to participate by paying for your birth control. And for the love of Pete, will Democrats for once be intellectually honest enough to admit the facts: -- The Hobby Lobby decision still lets 16 forms of birth control stand -- The cost of contraceptives is nominal (heck, if they can afford cigarettes......) -- Every adult American ought to be RESPONSIBLE for their own actions. Frankly, I'm darned cranky that I am already paying for the groceries, the rent, the Medicaid, and the Planned Parenthood costs for these illiterate fools.
Let's go further --- any person in office who wants to run for an office other than the one he currently holds must resign his present seat before starting to campaign for a different office. Half the Senate runs for president every 4 years. Too many governors abandon their states to run for president. You think you can run for prez AND be a good Senator? Sorry, NO.
Riddle me this, Batman --- Congress has an approval rating barely into double digits, but incumbents have a reelection rate of 90% or more. So how is it that Congress sux at doing its job, but everyone's personal Congressional representative is good enough for another term? Really, look at a moron like Sheila Jackson Lee or Maxine Waters or Henry Waxman and tell me how these idiots ever made it out of high school, let alone win a seat in Congress?
Redistrict ALL according to zip codes/counties/cities. No more districts drawn covering half the state like a crooked dog-leg to ensure the district is sure to vote a certain way. Require all candidates to pass IQ tests and citizenship tests. Require all candidates for all offices be vetted by FBI for top secret clearance. (Oops, lost Obama on that one)
"What reforms should happen to ensure a "fairer" election?" Come on, that question could be answered by a brain dead cantelope. -- Voter ID -- Voter IQ test (pass the 100 question test immigrants face) -- Pay taxes -- Take no "entitlement" other than Social Security or Medcare or VA benefits -- Be alive
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Reality of the IRS Scandal

TX Yankee Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 8:25 AM
I wish some enterprising reporter would add some perspective to the Lois Lerner story. Everyone thinking the IRS scandal was her first foray into partisanship is wrong. Please....tell us how Lerner, as an official at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) abused her power in an Illinois Senate race. The truth about Lerner MIGHT just pull the covers off the eyes of the low information crowd. If Obama loses the press and the numbskulls who cheer wildly at his events, his administration will fall.
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How to Fight Sexual Assault

TX Yankee Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 7:08 AM
Glad you said it, Mona. We can all agree that rape is an inexcusable crime, and no person should have this crime excused. But wait, there's more: if I were to stumble drunkenly through the worst sections of NYC after midnight and got mugged, should I bear any responsibility? Yes, I got beaten and lost my wallet to the thugs, but had I been sober and at home watching TV, it would not have happened. We are reaping what was sown in the 1960's and 1970's. Women wanted to live lives of carefree sexual abandon while still expecting men (young men with raging hormones) to understand that just because they got drunk, dressed provocatively, and acted like sluts at a Mardi Gras parade, they wanted men to respect them as chaste young Victorian women. Do Not jump on me - I do not, will not excuse an actual rape. But forgive me if I get confused when a young coed drinks herself into a stupor, twerks her way across the dance floor, and then is surprised that a man might just think she is easy.
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Obama the Problem Creator

TX Yankee Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 6:56 AM
In a perversely odd way, you have to admire the bozo in the White House. His tactics come directly from Saul Alinksy, and his approach is to use the Cloward Piven strategy with his scandals. Admit it, even Townhall readers, Fox News Watchers, and Rush ditto heads cannot begin to remember all of them - as soon as one seems to awaken the public, another pops up, and like ADHD kids we jump on the new bandwagon. Benghazi would have seen lesser man (whoa, is there any man who is lesser than Obama? Millions wonder) be impeached. The New Black Panther voter intimidation scandal would have been the death of Republican candidates nationwide had those inbreds been stumping for a conservative.
Obama's election was the triumph of the public school educated low information voters over over common sense. He may be half black, but he is 100% anti-American and 110% clueless.
The chance Obama will "pivot to the Constitution" are less than the chance I will be the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys tis year.
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