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My granddaughter's school has an annual Thanksgiving meal with the kids - the food is lousy (thanks, Michelle Obama) and the amount thrown away would feed a third world nation.
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What Needs Resetting

TX Yankee Wrote: 3 hours ago (9:46 AM)
Other things that cry out for resetting? The election of 2008 and the election of 2012. Anyone who voted for Obama again with the knowledge of the damage he has done should fly on Malaysian Airlines exclusively.
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Bordering on Madness

TX Yankee Wrote: 4 hours ago (9:37 AM)
Most aggravating to me? Sure we have a porous border that politicians (mostly Democrats) refuse to secure. Sure they do this for selfish political reasons - greater social welfare needs, future Democrat voters. But I get cranky because when I come back from a vacation in the Caribbean, I have to wait in endless lines to clear customs and immigration. It would be so much easier if I could just walk across the border.
Maybe I'm the crazy one, but it seems like with all we spend, our children should all be Einstein's by now (if you believe the liberal hype) (a) We have had to expand preschool, Head Start (b) we now feed these kids 3 meals per day "so they can learn" (c) we have nearly tripled the inflation adjusted spending per pupil since 1970 (d) we have more administrative staff and teachers aides than any time ever (e) we subsidize college with scholarships and Pell Grants (f) we placate the unions by lowering the student/pupil ratio Hmmm...all that, and our kids are getting worse?
Sorry, you're wrong. Even rats know when to desert a sinking ship.
Maybe this is the Alexander Butterfield moment - he is the one who revealed the existance of the Nixon tapes.
Yet off he goes to the left coast for another round of fundraising.
No doubt she would attract the Indian casino money.
This is the perfect example of why Democrats should never be allowed to control the House, the Senate, or the Presidency. When faced with irrefutable evidence of what it takes to succeed, they ignore it and instead focus on birth control and encouraging illegal immigration. The Middle East is a boiling cauldron of discontent, Iraq and Afghanistan have seen what happens under a Democrat president's leadership, the US DOJ ignores lawbreaking by Democrats (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, AP, IRS, the US border) while demonizing Hobby Lobby for having religious convictions. The US job market is abysmal with about 100 million working age adults no longer even looking for work. But things that would make a difference (hmmm...Keystone pipeline???) are ignored. And Obama is focused like a laser - on playing pool and fundraising to elect MORE Democrats.
Red Shark - thanks for the good belly laugh...darn near had my coffee coming out of my nose when I snorted at your idiocy. Here is my challenge to you, since you think Miss R is too young and inexperienced to engage on matters political. Tell me where she is wrong. Tell me who on the left in her age group makes a better case for liberalism. Compare her intellect and opinions to your vaunted OWS protesters.
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