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Predictable Pope-Smearing Ensues

TxVietVet Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 10:38 PM
Thumo I'd suggest you do a little research into both the liberal and conservative sides of the aisle and see which constituents dole out the most for charity. Your comment here assumes the right are tight wads. But in studies and books written about the subject, the left gives less but makes more money. And if the left gave as much blood as the right, there would never be any need for blood drives. But as you lament the economic plans of the right, the left has again turned up their nose at any balanced budget - so much for the balanced approach O speaks about, and has offered another 3/4 of a trillion in deficit for the budget they jokingly offered up. How can you ignore this to spew your hate for Americans?
Terminus in WA Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 11:23 PM
You must not be talking to Thumpy; I believe he knows that quite well. He is quoting another.
ThumpasaurasVox Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 11:20 PM
You misinterpret my point. I was pillorying AO's ridiculously stupid question, not criticizing conservative economic policy. The tard's alleged question was essentially a small speech followed by a specious punctuation, not a legitimate query.

I am not a Catholic, but I find the concerted efforts to smear various Popes to be disgusting and contemptible.  In the case of Pope Francis, according to the Vatican, anti-clerical left-wing outlets are trying to accuse him -- without any evidence -- of wrongdoing during the reign of a military junta from 1976-1983.  

Left-wingers in the United States responded predictably, with Michael Moore tweeting out a picture later revealed as a hoax, purportedly of Pope Francis offering communion to an Argentine dictator (to his credit, Moore issued a correction).

It should be obvious that the attacks have...