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Obama: "My Door's Been Open For 3 1/2 Years" -- Plus Obama's Arrogance: I, My, & Myself

TxVietVet Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 6:02 PM
So pretty much what you are saying is the people who were elected to make law and decided the idea of bringing these poor waif's into the fold was a poor one, now have been circumvented by the President who now though caveat has decreed these people will be given amnesty..... and your comment is deal with it? So much for the law and Constitutional protocol in your little world Lois.

Here's a clip from Obama's speech to NALEO today where he scolds the Republicans in Congress for not supporting his DREAM Act. The president who has spent an untold amount of more hours on the golf course than with the Congressional Republican leadership decided today would be the day to throw out a new lie: "My door's been open for three and a half years."

O's concluding remarks were sprinkled with hopenchange pixie dust which means only one thing: he would be the primary focus. I thought this perfectly highlighted Guy's post below discussing how "the most arrogant...