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McCain needs to retire.
I agree 100%. Everything is aligned for them. Hillary being the final piece. Their slash and burn tactics will leave nothing of those who oppose, and make Sherman's march to the sea look like a schoolyard shoving match. It's now of never for these people.
I'm sure you've heard this before but it fits. W.C. Fields was a known hard drinker and a man of little patience. He also was a womanizer and a gambler. So not someone you'd think of as a temperate man. So when a friend walked in on him in his later years and he was reading the Bible, he was asked why. "Looking for loopholes." That is what Obama does. Looks for ways to interpret the Constitution to fit his agenda. getting old and a friend walked in on him re
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Don't Stigmatize Murderers!

TxVietVet Wrote: May 29, 2014 11:32 AM
Valerie Solanas - Society for Cutting Up Men Her manifesto is just as ridiculous.
This entire argument is manufactured so a divide cab be widened between the color of skin. As long as both sides at pointing fingers at the other, what the govt is doing to change out existence isn't being noticed. The problem with the poor is the school system, the lack of parental concern, and a govt that believes in writing a check is more compassionate than teaching a skill and removing them from poverty. This creates children with no father figure, and that hits boys harder than anyone else. So Johnny grabs a gun because the entertainment industry tells him this is what a man does. Our compassion should be channeled into making productive citizens out of the poor, breaking the cycle of generational welfare, and instilling self reliance and pride in these people. Instead the compassionate left writes a check, and calls the right names. Only the citizens can break this cycle.
I prefer she took off to avoid the Benghazi thing and to get a face lift. She may not have been successful with the first and the second she should ask for a refund.
If all conservatives know the press will twist the words of the people on the right, why in the world would Rove give them this opportunity? Stay on point. Exceptionalism of this country and its people. Fixing the disaster of Obamacare. Strengthen the borders and rework immigration to be fair, but not to offer the oath of allegiance to 12 million new democrats with a large majority being criminals Stop being nation builders Open up the economy with energy production and dominate the world's market Create jobs. Encourage capitalism and commerce Rewrite tax codes to force hiring Americans in American and not shipping your stuff overseas Lower the corporate tax from the highest in the world to something logical Encourage growth Kill every socialist law and Presidential caveat Obama did Get the IRS in line Kill the EPA Kill the NEA Reduce the Dept of Ag Stop the divide between the races - this will be difficult. But stay the heck out of making the Reps look stupid. United we stand, divided they win.
If I could master Photoshop, I would take the end of Casablanca and impose Gowdy's face for Bogart and HIllary's face for Bergman with the caption, "We'll always have Benghazi."
The idea Hillary wouldn't exploit the Presidential caveat, as abused by Obama, is ignoring her goal. To fundamentally subjugate America.
Picayune as it might be, there is a law that segregates a reelection aspect for a politician from the daily running of govt business. I believe this is called the Hatch act. The only people in office who may co-mingle politics with the business of govt are the Pres and VP. So if Ben Rhodes sent that email to the political arm of the reelection of Obama, then he has committed a felony. But beyond that, there are indications Hillary may have set the standard for Benghazi in comments she made on the 13th of September that later were note for note in the email from Rhodes as instructions to Rice for her comments on the political shows on Sunday. The exact same wording was in Rhodes email. Making mistakes is one thing. Covering them up is another. The likelihood of the investigation drilling down to the real issue - which is the Obama administration moving arms to the rebels, hence the violent reaction toward Stevens since he was the emissary of Obama in this - may never come out. But it is important, and people want to know. Regardless if it skewers your feckless leader or not.
John, I have been touting this idea about oil - probably since I read it from you - although I profess it was my idea since you're never around. But one aspect that occurs is the US could reduce the price of a barrel of oil by dominating the market. Now what does that do to the economy of Iran, whose seems to be heading toward nuclear weapons? If for no other reason, and the ones you offer are very positive, this is a bonus we can all enjoy. Then add in the deficit being reduced by oil and job creation. That equates to win, win win, for me. But I bet someone who actually believes in the witchdoctor science of global climate change will be a contrarian regarding all this.
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