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Henry, if there was a like button I would have pushed it several time because of your post. I agree with it. But the part that resonates with me the most is this - Your messiah doesn't know what he's doing, but there is no shortage of arrogance coming out of his mouth.... I have worked in management a large portion of my working life. In that time there have been outstanding managers I wanted to mold my leadership after and then ones who flounder with no answers. It is clear Obama cannot reach across the aisle and garner an agreement with Republicans. So much in politics is give and take and the ones most successful have the ability to negotiate - when you hear tyhen say this what they say is fight, as in I will fight for you, which is incorrect and leaves an impression that is false - and these successful politicians can bring people together. Obama is well spoken. He is superior in his ability to give a speech. But once you have gained the office, and especially the Presidency, that ability isn't all one needs. You must have the ability to persuade. He is good at tossing out quotable comments that look wonderful on the 5 o'clock news. But once one digs in and looks for depth in his position, they see there is nothing. He is a bag of wind. Thus he cannot negotiate or bring both sides together. So he goes on fund raisers and makes speeches which will be on the news, and boldly claims he has a pen and a phone. Because he has no leadership ability beyond selling sycophants with his rhetoric. But here's the rub. This country is now filled with those very people who will believe anything the left says about the war on fill in the blank and how them left will redistribute wealth to get their votes. This is an empty suit with a gift for rhetoric. You nailed it.
This suit will do the job it is intended to do. Which is to smear a guy who actually looked decisive on the border issue and negate anything he gained. This is to protect Hilary from any really tough opponent. She will be the final piece of the progressive agenda if she gets control.
Microsoft exchange, which the IRS used, is structured to keep emails on the server if needed. But at some point space available will demand you do something about the growing emails you have stored on the server. So decision time comes and you have a choice of deletion or saving them to your computer's hard drive. As you state these were saved to a shared drive which is a protected portion of a server which has your log in. But clearly you should be forced to make a decision if your allotted space is filling up. Now you may manage your emails well enough that reaching the ceiling of your server space was never a question for you. But I assure you the exchange will at some point warn you of space available and ultimately not allow you to send nor receive emails without any space on the server. This is usually tech time. Call out the nerds to fix your stuff. The notion Lerner had sensitive information on her hard drive in emails could be a possibility. But no matter what, the server should have been backed up and redundancy available. The idea the IRS did not have this function and overwrote the server's hard drive every six months is laughable. And highly unbelievable. There would also be no need to destroy that hard drive since there is software which will clean a hard drive and do a wipe. Enough so it would be difficult to impossible to obtain any old information. Then reloading the OS would be on a clean disk and a simple matter. I myself would like to see the written protocol for this. I agree with some of your comments. I also would never presume to tell you how something worked unless I had my hands on it. But I know how exchange works and it has been stated they used exchange. I received over 100 emails a day and had to manage my space several times a year or save to my information on computer. I don't see anything given which suggest the IRS is different. But I agree this is baloney and someone is flat out lying.
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Watch: Is There A "War on Women"?

TxVietVet Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 10:16 AM
The ultimate war is on personal responsibility. And a promise by the left to assure anything goes if you vote us in. Including being responsible for you since obviously the implicit message is women are too stupid, lazy or outright incapabale of taking care of themselves. So the mindset in the 50's was men took care of women. The govt has supplanted this idea with govt takes care of women. How is that fighting for women to take care of themselves. Oh right, it's not.
Best post I have seen in a long time. If women decided that the best birth control was to keep their clothes on, would they expect the govt to pay for their wardrobe? Wish I could take credit for that.
Yes, I see the correlation to Alien. Then a little Hillary bursts from your chest and runs across the room and legislates more of her socialist agenda.
And yet there will be people who vote for Hillary for no other reason than her vagina.
Writing a column of about 1500 words is difficult in and of itself. Making it interesting as well exponentially increases the difficulty rating. To them sprinkle it "liberally" - forgive me Ann - with humor throughout adds to the skill needed to pull something like this off. Now write one a week and hit a deadline. it ain't easy. Ann makes it look effortless. But this column is especially great with her wit and a foundation of truth about the sport. When you think of soccer what comes to mind? Yellow cards No time outs Crowd on the verge of creating mayhem Men in shorts who reveal acting skills when they are barely nudged. Essentially a soap opera in pants no longer than lederhosen.
Johnny boy, the answer is if the WH is guilty, then they will not help convict themselves. Geez Louise. And as a side note, please lose the Speakership this time around. If anything, you are the poster boy for Rino's everywhere along with McCain. You are horrid at public speaking, lecture people in your party, and do absolutely nothing for the cause. This would be a great time to show your loyalty to the party and withdraw. Then immediately shut up.
Of course at some point he will find out this information as all Americans did by reading a newspaper.
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