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Joe Biden Asks: Hey, America, Why So Serious?

TXTRUTH Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 11:21 AM
While Biden may have been up on his facts it was lost in the clownish act he put on. Between the gleeming teeth, facial expressions, rude laughter, finger pointing and childish behaviour all I was thinking was that Biden was creepy. If he sat next to me on a train and acted like that I would get up and find another seat.

Well, at least Joe Biden helped Obama keep one campaign promise: He certainly changed the tone of our political debate last night.  Too bad he took it to a disrespectful new low.  Watch and be appalled.  (HT: Correspondent Doug for the Batman reference; update: Jim Geraghty's got it, too -- must be a guy thing?!):

A couple of other observations:

(1) Joe Biden sacrificed his likability in order to try to erase the perception that the Obama-Biden ticket is weak and passive.  He probably could have achieved more of his objectives if he had been...