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Experts: House Budget Spurs Growth, Senate Version Spikes Debt

TXTRUTH Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 3:12 PM
This should be simple. You cannot grow a country by it's government spending it into poverty. You reach a point where you cannot sustain the spending. It's like saying you are going to lose weight by eating so much food that you are no longer hungry.

The House of Representatives is expected to take up Paul Ryan's budget today, as the Senate begins debate on Democrats' first fiscal roadmap in nearly four years.  The House GOP version balances in ten years, without raising taxes, by reducing the rate of spending growth and reforming entitlement programs.  Senate Democrats propose $1.5 trillion in tax increases and hundreds of billions in phony savings, yet their ledger never approaches balance.  The president's offering is still nowhere to be found.  Ryan's plan would shave $4.6 trillion from deficits over ten years, compared to the current spending path; the Reid/Murray...