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House Passes Ryan Budget, 221-207

TXTRUTH Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 5:11 PM
Reduce the rate of increase and the world will come to an end. In the libs mind, in order to lose weight you eat as much as you can until you are so full you can't eat anymore. They call that a diet.

The Republican-held House of Representatives has passed Paul Ryan's FY 2014 budget, as well as the final version of a "continuing resolution" that will fund the federal government through the end of the current fiscal year.  The latter item locked into place the reduced spending baseline established by the sequester.  It does not defund Obamacare, although the GOP FY 2014 budget does.  As I wrote earlier, the House rejected a trio of Democratic alternative budgets yesterday, including the Senate Democrats' offering -- which raises taxes by $1.5 trillion, increases overall...