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The left doesn't care about the kinds of birth control Hobby Lobby offers as part of their plan. They are only interested in being victims, raising money, and lying about republicans.
What is happening on our border is not a crisis, it is a disaster. Because of Obama we have an extremely dangerous situation developing and unless Obama acts quickly this situation is going to explode. 1) All foreign aid to the countries where these children are coming from, and Mexico for allowing them to cross the border, must be stopped immediately. 2) Use the money we were spending on foreign aid and allocate it to border security and returning all illegals back to their home countries. 3) The National Guard needs to be placed on the border to work with the Border Patrol until the border is secure. 4) Only after the border is secure can any discussion take place on immigration reform. You cannot fix immigration if you cannot control immigration.
All this time I thought it was a doctors duty to inform the public about health issues. But as with everything in the Obama administration it is backwards. In the Obama world, you go to jail for telling the truth, you become an ambassador for raising money and lying for Obama.
Sounds to me like the Obama strategy has failed and the Tea Party is winning.
It is funny how the left and the democrats are always complaining about their rights while it is the left and the democrats who infringe on individual rights more than anyone else.
Someone please tell this fool, it is the fact that you keep doing things on your own that we have these problems. Here is a clue. You are not as smart as you think you are. Your ideas are weak, ill thought, shallow and so far a disaster for the country and its people. This "crisis" we have on the border is because of you. Thinking you could put pressure on the Congress you implied that if children came across the border they would be able to stay. Well, here we are. They heard you and are now swarming across the border bringing with them criminals, disease, and death. Congratulations Mr Obama. Heck of a job.
The only reason we are in this situation is BECAUSE of Obama and his go it alone I know better then everyone else attitude.
Notice how Bill Clinton's approval rating recovered once the republicans took control of Congress? Also after Obama's first year in office the level of confidence in Obama has NEVER been higher then 37%!! You would never know that by the reporting of the American media.
Here is an idea. We are already paying South American countries millions of dollars in foreign aid. Stop send them the money and use that money to clean these kids up and send them back. When the governments of the countries shipping their kids to us stop getting paid by us they will quickly stop the exodus so they can get their money flow started again.
Maker's Mark got smacked down when they tried adding extra water to increase supply.
I'll drink to that.
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