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If Obama was trying to destroy the country, would he do anything differently?
This is nothing less then an invasion of the United States. The president, the Congress and the Senate are responsible for the protection of this country, its borders and its people. They are all derelict in their duty.
One word comes to mind but decency will keep me from repeating it.
Please. This is not a crisis. This is a tragedy!
So you must be a huge Sarah Palin fan, right?
Our border is under attack and we are being invaded. Federal judges are demanding States supply illegals with ID and drivers licenses. Our DOJ? Demanding that voter ID be outlawed. I wonder why?
Will the American media ever wake up to the fact the Obama administration treats them as children? There are no longer any reporters in the American media, they should all now be called stenographers.
Our government will never understand the concept. It's too easy and makes sense.
Please give to the needy family. Thank you. Signed Jim Needy
Why would anyone think anything Hillary had to say was worth that kind of money? What is she going to say that when you leave the room you would think it was worth the money? Two days after the speech, has anything changed? Are people walking around going my goodness,I'm a changed person! Think about it. What possible difference, at this time, does it make?
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