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The obama democrat base voter.
Ideological over rule of law. Party over country. Illegals over citizen rights. obama said he wanted to transform the country. obama has. The legacy of obama. We are, poorer, more divided, more dependent on government, less independent, less free, more depressed, less optimistic.
Community activism on a national scale. There must always be the villain. You are only there to protect the weak from the villain. If anyone disagrees with you it is because they are the villain or working for the villain. Nothing is the fault of the weak and the weak deserve everything to be given to them. If you disagree you are now the villain.
What was the reaction to three Americans murdered in a mindless act of terrorism by Palestinians in Israel you may ask? obama said the Israelis should restrain themselves. Maybe obama thinks the Israelis should hand out candy as well?
So the only rights that women need is the ability to kill their unborn babies? Nazi Germany was way ahead of the curve.
Liberals hate it when they are caught telling the truth.
Here is my question. The black community will be devastated by amnesty and work cards given to 5 million illegals. I won't go into the unemployment rate for blacks and teen blacks. We all know it is higher then for any other group. How can the black supporters of obama be silent on this subject?
The obama bus rolling over another person.
obama is very concerned. How can obama turn this around to make it the fault of the Israelis?
All good bills. Get them passed, send them to obama and let him veto if he dares. Time to put pressure on obama to get this economy going.
I know the democrats have a short memory when it comes to obamacare but come on man, does obama really think the rest of us are that dumb? The evidence is so overwhelming that we were lied to that if this was about global warming I would have to admit it was real. The simplest method is just to listen to Nancy Pelosi. Who could forget the, we have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill remark. Or could spin that remark to say that everything was transparent. Finally remember the democrats forced the bill through the House and the Senate and NO REPUBLICAN voted in favor of this law.
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