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CNN, DHS and SPLC's Blame-Righty Hit Job

TXTRUTH Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 2:39 PM
Centralized government control is the cancer inside of our country. In all matters dissension is not allowed from the government position. Disagree and you, you family, your associates, your business partners will be attacked until you either submit or are disgraced.
We need to take a flame thrower to Washington to clear the place of all the rodents.
Liberal progressive democrat communists are the most ill mannered, repugnant, closed minded miscreants on the planet. They are allowed to spew there filth and lies without consequence.
The media will be sharpening their knives trying to find something on Walker.
We are in big trouble when the law is interpreted and enforced by political party affiliations rather then by the Constitution.
obama never intended to sign off on the Keystone pipeline. This is the man who says the greatest threat to the country and the world is global warming. Are people really that stupid to think obama had an open mind on this issue?
As anyone can see there is no working with obama or the democrats. The pipeline, vetoed. Funding of DHS, republicans cave, democrats come back and step on their throats. What to do? Grow a backbone, stand for your principles. Take the flack from obama, the democrats and their mouth pieces in the media but do what is right! Get out in front of the American people and explain reality.
The democrats, liberals and progressives always go crazy when the truth of their depravity is exposed. What I have noticed is no one who is crying over the remarks made by Rudy are offering any examples to refute what was said. Someone who supports obama. I challenge you to find a strong, concise, positive statement obama has made about the United States that was either following or before obama saying something negative about the country. Also that is not just the usual throw in comment in a prepared speech. Good luck, you won't find one.
obama has a different plan for the United States. obama will apologize for made up transgressions allow anyone and everyone into the country erase the border faster then a red line in the sand pay for illegals and terrorists to stay in the country keep the country focused on the one most serious threat to the United States, global warming. Which is a good thing because after obama allows Iran to have an atomic weapon you can be sure there will be a sudden burst of warming and it will be man made.
I have heard of ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, PLO. Never heard of Kony. Where does obama find these freakin people?
I thought matters before the court were settled by law, not the political affiliation of the judges.
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