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The democrats really are the party of no ideas. That is why they consistently say others are racist and bigots. Democrat policies are always presented as being for a group of people at the expense of a different group of people.
A vote for a democrat is a vote for obama.
I expect obama to make a statement very quickly that this has nothing to do with Islam.
All you people out there talking about income inequity, raising the minimum wage, lack of jobs, crowded failing schools. What the heck do you think is going to happen when 34 million new low income, non English speaking, poor, sick immigrants and their children are allowed into the country? Do you think this is going to make your life better? If you think you are being ignored and forgotten now, just wait.
Liberals are so funny. It's like Bill Clinton and Monica. It wasn't sex. I was teaching her to play the flute.
Well it is Colorado. His brain may be up in smoke!
Wendy is just playing up to her voters. The stupider the comment the more effective it is. Her next commercial will be about Greg Abbott's "War on the Walking."
When she loses in November does that mean she will have to buy a house in Louisiana in order to move back?
Impossible question to answer. Name one thing Obama has said that is true.
There will always be a number of people who support Obama no matter what. But that number is shrinking daily. Just imagine what it would be like if the media wasn't in Obama's corner.
If Obama was the leader of a one man band it would go on strike.
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