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You are exactly right! From his own words, why should his daughter be stuck with a child he, nor his daughter want? Killing his own grandchild. Sickening!
Born in the mid 50's, I grew up knowing I was born out of wedlock to a 19 year old mother. Back in the 50's unwed mothers were sent to a home to have their children. My grandmother raised me instead of putting me up for adoption. Thank God I was not aborted. Grew up poor and grew up with love from a grandmother who was everything to me. Lost her at 12 years old, lived on $115 per month. Got married young and was still poor, but we made it just fine. This article implies I should have suffered and been an emotional wreck. I assure you, I have lived the life God has inspired me to have and I learned through humility, prayers, education and emotions that you can rise out of poverty and not be subject of social ills.
I thought about that after the question and yep, doc, you are right. And also the rapists themselves, I suppose. Sheesh, what a messed up world!
And who the hey studies rape?
The only pooper around here will be the attacker after I shoot him, cut off his balls with my machete, and politely ask – How do you like it now?
Here's a thought. Ask anyone who was raped if ball point pen, call box, whistle, monthly period would have help. You might get a slap in the face, so be prepared. I for one, would slap Uliberri and Salazar so hard, it might knock those liberal marbles right out of their stupid head!
Uliberri and Joe Salazar - two idiots in a pod. One wants us to fight with a ball point pen and the other wants us to whistle or use a call box. Pathetic! Liberalism is definitely a mental disorder.
Who to blame? Sometimes it is best to keep your business to yourself. People are hateful, rude, and just plain mean. I would never share any such emotional story with anyone except my family and friends. Proves my point, keep your mouth shut and you will not be ridiculed by the haters in this world.
Nothing King O does will solve this problem as long as the borders are open. Rubio is right, close the borders and then we will talk amnesty because that is really what it is - amnesty and more democratic votes. Reagan did it and did it solve anything? No, because the gringos on capital hill do nothing to stop the flow and this chicago thug will do nothing about the border. You can count on it.
You liberals are aware that your King wants to give amnesty to illegals, don't you? Your comment is pointless.
How about taking some advice regarding the drugs these wackos are on when they commit these atrocities. Why does the media hide the fact these killers are on Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft and so many mind phychotic drugs, yet they do not even mention it. Blaming guns does not make it go the disease go away!
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