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Reid, typical liar, already praising Obummer care and people love it. How is that possible Reid, they have not even used it yet, how could they love it? Idiot!
Oh baloney! They know good and well what it will cost. Just go to Kaiser Family Foundation to the subsidy calculator. www.kff.org. It is plain to see what it will cost. Silver plan is $22,568 smoker/$15,045 for non smokers a year. No tax subsidies over $62,040 annual salary. They are liars.
Those premiums certainly skyrocket for smokers. Obesity gets a pass.......if you make over $62,000 a year, you get no subsidies. Premiums are $22,568 a year for 2 people over 55 and smokers, I certainly cannot afford it! That is more than my house payment! It is $1,880.67 a month. They are insane!
My thoughts, too!
How obvious can you be Judge? The judge has to rule that way in order to avoid benefits paid out to the families. It is that simple....change the reason for the killings and the military does not have to pay for combat benefits. Sickening!
I do keep my opinions private, but I am not in the military. Why would the military be persistent to learn a soldier's opinion? I would just tell them it is none of their business what I think. Can't force me to do anything.
Now days, it is best to keep my opinion to myself. I have a right to my personal opinion and beliefs and I do not have to share it with anyone. Too many liberal bullies in this world and I refuse to give them anything that might ignite their hateful remarks. So there take that you morons! Go eat glass and go to Mars for all I care! Shame on the military for not standing up for this soldier's rights.
Not one single story about Christians being killed from ABC, NBC, CNN, and all the other newstations. Should I ask why?
And the war on babies continues....so sad.
You are exactly right! From his own words, why should his daughter be stuck with a child he, nor his daughter want? Killing his own grandchild. Sickening!
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