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He happens to be a millionare who agrees that he should pay more taxes. Try to keep up.
Or else we will play crawl back into the hole that you crawled out of. My guess is the latter.
I know. You and your army armed with pea shooters are certain to prevail against the United States Army, Navy, Marines and all other branches of service because you are so very AWESOME! And you have been carressing your pea shooters and getting them so ready to wage war against the United States of America in the case that the black man is re-elected in yet another landslide.
Yeah, we soooooooooo love to vote for someone who is embarrassed to reveal their financials. That is what we live for. Oh I forgot, top of our list is the governor who was 47th in job creation while he held his only elective office. That is so AWESOME!
HAHAHAHAHAHA millions rising up. You people are DELUSIONAL. Dream on, pookie, and go make me a sandwich. P.S. I presume that you have stockpiled various and assorted bombs, weapons of mass destruction, navies, tanks, Seal teams, grenade launchers, etc., or are you just planning on taking over the United States Government with your pellet guns?
black guys? You are so flagged you racist POS.
Thankfully for the moment I don't have to hunt and gather and prefer not to go that route, that is why I have voted straight democratic ticket for my entire life. You enjoy living off of tree bark and road kill if (and that's a big IF) Robme is elected.
The alternative: Billionaires and Millionares are coddled and the rest of us are left to hunt and gather.
Have you ever heard about Roe v. Wade? I thought so.
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