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EPA Takes to Air to Watch Cow Pies

TxDoc Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 8:03 AM
The Glorious Heroic Revolutionary Peoples Bureau of Compliance will gladly spend your last dollar to ensure that you - and your cows - Fully Comply with their unattainable goals.

The Environmental Protection Agency declined to answer questions this week as the Omaha World-Herald sought to clarify whether the agency had the legal authority to conduct overflights of cattle operations to determine if cattle are pooping in streams in the Midwest.

I don’t know much about bovine latrine habits, but I’ve been around enough pastures to know that cattle really aren’t that particular.

It seems to me that they let go pretty much wherever they are, stream or no.

So I think I can say with some authority, that, yes, cattle all around the Midwest are indeed pooping in...