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Anything to fight against a tyrannical government, you betcha pumpkin!
Oh, I see, so we're assuming that we're all rednecks. That's funny, not only did I originally come from nanny state NY 21 years ago to Texas, I have my CHL, take tactical training classes so I'm never a statistic like irresponsible gun owners and those, not in the know, or p*&&ies, and I used to drink Bud. Oh, and I used to be a dem. Operative word, "used" to. I pulled my head out of my *bleep* and became informed, along w/a responsible gun owner.
What an intelligent, intellectual comment.
Oh, they thank the ignorant. Every one of them.
Please, unions are thugs, at least the NRA fights, along with those of us responsible gun owners, for our rights. Unlike the thug unions, making billions of the backs of the white collar worker. How respectful!
2 years here, and I'm in Texas, thank God. More lawsuits against the tyrannical govt on tap for Abbott. It's amazing to me how ignorant these lapdogs are, and they keep believing he BS. Gun laws work, in Kennesaw, GA (a town much like Newtown), where the HOH is required to have a firearm, but there are excemptions. Compare that to 25 years NO murders, with Chicago's 5K in 10. Yep, gun control works, for the MURDERS and criminals. I won't be a stat awaiting the po-po!
Oooh, love, love, going to use it!
Video games are also a problem, no thanks. I'm sorry, but have you been in America lately! It's not Kansas anymore, Toto!
That was also on Friday...
...haven't heard anything in the media yet about the 'feel good' gun story of the CHL carrying responsible gun owner who saved lives confronting a shooter, who then took his life. The sensationalizing of a tragedy is better news for them. But I digress, it's what the media and the liberals do.
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