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Amen! Their hypocricy is defeaning!
Right, 'cha-ching' to the cartels, thanks to ObaMao!
You are beyond clueless and a waste of good energy, RG.
Commies, of course. All you have to do is look at stats, everywhere they've taken away the guns. I say, ban them all they want in blue states, and if you live in a red one, move to a blue one; and leave us red states alone. Then, let's talk stats in a year. More guns, less crime. Just look at Kennesaw, GA.
And, the next time I hear somebody saying that the Founders never wanted you to practice your Second Amendment rights with a semiautomatic weapon (my sig), kindly ask them if they are exercising their First Amendment rights with a quill pen.”
As a member of the NRA, it has been said that I should be murdered. Advocating beheadings, beatings, and mass murder of peaceful Americans to pay for the sins of a soulless madman who was ill and spent countless hours and days engulfed in violent gaming which some military use to desensitize. But because the advocates of violence fashion themselves champions of non-violence and because they inhabit the hallowed worlds of Hollywood, academia, and the Democratic Party, it’s somehow acceptable! Blood-lusting hate speech must not get a pass just because it comes out of the mouths of the protected, anti-gun class. It’s always the responsible gun owners fault, and gun ‘control’ has proven to be ineffective.
I feel great, I guess I better stay locked and loaded since all of the libtard's are threatening to wipe out us responsible, CHL carrying, trained gun owners who are members. You can keep following the wolves to slaughter. The only terrorists are your presidents buddies. Or, have you not been paying attention. Obviously...not! ;-)
We're not delusional dude, and I voted for ObaMao in 2008, course, didn't in this election, because I woke up. I'd say that's not paranoia, it's called reality!
Anything to fight against a tyrannical government, you betcha pumpkin!
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