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8,000 People a Day Becoming NRA Members

TX-HEATHER Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 5:10 PM
And, the next time I hear somebody saying that the Founders never wanted you to practice your Second Amendment rights with a semiautomatic weapon (my sig), kindly ask them if they are exercising their First Amendment rights with a quill pen.”
Allen331 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 5:21 PM
Well said.
Since I only recently coughed up $70 for three years, I have a question that you might have a merited opinion on.

Bersa Thunder UC 9mm - or - Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm? (I can't purchase until 2013 so I have time to weigh my options.)
RGR24 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 5:55 PM
Which one will kill more people in the shortest amount of time?

It's not rocket science.
JAMES1105 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 6:01 PM
Beretta 9mm Model 92FS . . . Fabulous weapon . . .
Allen331 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 6:11 PM
Thx to both of you. I have several months before I decide.
Jay Wye Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 6:41 PM
Kel-Tec and Kahr are also good choices for CCW.
Jay Wye Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 6:42 PM
When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am looking for a fight, but because I’m looking to be left alone. The gun at my side means that I cannot be forced, only persuaded. I don’t carry it because I’m afraid, but because it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn’t limit the actions of those who would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those who would do so by force. It removes force from the equation... and that’s why carrying a gun is a civilized act.

By Maj. L. Caudill USM C (Ret)
MudontheTires Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 8:53 PM
"It's not rocket science."

To a mental midget like you RGR, EVERYTHING is rocket science.
Steve5 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 6:19 AM
I would stick with S&W which is USA made. Imported parts are likely to be more difficult to get in the near future thanks to the UN.

Over the past six days, the National Rifle Association has come under fire as somehow responsible for the horrific shooting that happened in Connecticut last week. NRA members and leaders have also received death threats. The civil rights organization waited to release a statement about the tragedy until the facts about what happened were verified and now, they're seeing 8,000 new people per day joining as members.

The National Rifle Association, while staying mostly quiet in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting in Connecticut, has registered an average of...