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Leftists Plan to Reduce Global Warming by Lowering American Living Standards

twit123 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 9:03 AM
Obama traverses back and forth for his political campaign using Air Force One which emits tons of CO2. Then Al Gore with his 30,000 square feet home, rapidly consuming energy for nothing, as it spews tons of CO2 into the air. . He travels with his jet back and forth promoting his energy conservation program, while his tracks of CO2 poison the rest of the people. China and India, the most populous countries in the world are the greatest polluters. Notice that the air in China is so dark and polluted. People could not recognize each other few feet away. They burn the world's atmosphere as liberals bark against the conservatives whose air footprints are clean and pure. Liberals stinks, they dupe, drug, smoke. slime, really stink.
Chris from Kalifornia Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 10:46 AM
CO2 IS NOT POISON! CO2 is good for plants, they need more. Proven fact that the more CO2 in the air the better plants grow. Plants equals food for poor people. Liberals want to starve the plants and therefor the people that are forced to eat them instead of a nice healthy diet of meat. Our bodies are designed, forged, evolved, whatever to do best on a mixture of meat and plant food. Making everyone so poor that they can't afford meat is unhealthy and stupid.

Regular readers may remember last year when I shared some remarkably silly data from the “Happy Planet Index,” which supposedly showed the United States ranked below very poor nations such as Cuba, Albania, and Venezuela.

It turns out that nations got lower grades based on their energy consumption. And since energy usage is one of the key indicators of prosperity, that explains why the United States also trailed such global garden spots as Pakistan, Palestine, Iraq, Moldova, and Tajikistan.

Well, the authors of the Happy Planet Index are not the only ones who explicitly embrace stagnation and decline as a...

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