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Priorities: Obama Habitually Late with Budgets, but not NCAA Brackets

Tweety22 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 3:18 PM
Last year (2012) Obama made the absurd prediciton that North Carolina would win the NCAA men's tournament, despite the obvious superiority of Kentucky. Kentucky was the easiest championship pick since UNLV in 1990. Of course, Obama thought he needed to win North Carolina in order to win the White House. Heck, even THAT turned out not to be true. As Romney correctly pointed out, Obama doesn't pick winners and losers... he just picks losers.

March Madness tips off tonight, and to my knowledge, President Obama has yet to share his 2013 projections with an anxious nation.  If our Commander-in-Chief doesn't release his picks before the play-in games begin -- let alone in an ESPN televised special, as in previous years -- it will be the first time in his presidency that he's missed the deadline.  His respect for budgetary deadlines, by contrast, has been consistently elastic.  Since 1921, every president has been required by law to submit his plan for funding the the federal government no later than the first Monday in February....