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Yes, I'm pretty sure they're that stupid...
Obama has dissed the Brits in many ways... the Churchill bust... giving the Queen an ipod pre-loaded with HIS speeches (I'm sure the Queen was impressed with that... she's only known people like Winston Churchill)... Obama and Moooochelle also acted totally against all protocols when they met the Queen. The Brits didn't like that one bit. And they gave the PM's kids some cheap plastic POS toy as a gift. Oh, and remember Obama giving the PM a bunch of DVDs of American movies? Except Mr. Tech President didn't know that the U.S. DVDs wouldn't play on British DVD players. I could go on...
The White House didn't snub these two great people... Obama did.
Anyone who thinks that Obama is a Christian is an idiot. To begin with, a Christian could never get the Democrat nomination for President. Secondly, Obama did an interview with the Chicago Sun Times around 2004, the "religion" editor interviewed him. Obama does not answer any of the questions the way a Christian would answer them, starting right off with the first question "Are you a Christian?". Other questions such as "Do you believe in Heaven?" and "What is sin?" are answered in ridiculous ways by a person who knows absolutely nothing about Christianity. Thirdly, he attended J. Wright's church for 20 years. What Christian would do that?
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The Ferguson Feeding Frenzy

Tweety22 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 10:00 AM
The liberal twerps who got "arrested" did so deliberately. They have their own liberal view of blacks, and they had to figure being in jail was safer than actually covering the riots, where they could easily be targeted.
How many autopsies does it take to prove the cop was evil? We're up to about 3 so far
Trayvonn Martin also had MJ in his system... it mellowed him to the point he was beating GZ's head into the sidewalk.
Everyone knows that all blacks are not thugs and criminals. I'm black myself, and I'm neither of those things. Michael Brown, however, WAS a thug and a criminal.
"Constitutional Scholars: Sustained Airstrikes in Iraq May Be Unconstitutional" So what?
The driver is here illegally, he's illegally driving a car, and he makes an illegal right turn. This is what illegals do. That's why they're called illegals.
Dear Open Border Activists/Illegals - PLEASE show your anger about our immigration laws by lying on the ground in front of my car. Please!!! I'm begging you...
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