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While there's no question that Fallon is making fun of Obama, keep in mind that Obama's not running again. Prior to 2012, we didn't see a whole lot of Obama-mocking out there....although God knows there was plenty to mock.
Obama's first question every day from now on: "Has the Pope changed his mind about all that stuff we talked about when I was over there?"
Oh, and the unemployment rate for Oct 2012 was 7.8%... amazingly, it dropped 0.3% and fell below the 8% figure the WH and LSM had been feeding the low information voters for 3 years.
Well, he may or may not be g@y, but he's definitely a f@33ot
Car bombers are usually Muslim males in their 20s, not "old" white guys btw, on his worst days, Rumsfeld accomplishes more before 5:30 am than Obama accomplishes in a lifetime
" my recollection..." ?? Whoever is near Harry Reid at this time...just beat the s&*( out of him, will ya? Just end it. Put us all out of our misery
At no time did I ever not say nothin about nobody tellin no lies. And that's the truth
h0ly c-rap
Looking out the window and quietly crying into my sweater/
Democrats demonstrated what they thought of people with Down Syndrome when Presidential Candidate Algore referred to Conservatives as the "extra chromosome right wing". Democrats love to talk about code words, gee, I wonder what THAT was code for?
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Oprah to Host Political Fundraiser in VA

Tweety22 Wrote: Mar 18, 2014 4:19 PM
Liberals love the one percent. When it's THEIR one percent
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