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Instead of "the last 25 years", how about the last 40 years? I remember Pele going to the New York Cosmos. That was supposed to get the entire country into soccer. Forty years later... still waiting. It'll never happen
Babe Ruth was the world's best baseball player in 1921. Who was the world's greatest soccer player in 1921? Who knows. So much for soccer icons.
Remember when Rick Perry and Mitt Romney were talking to each other during one of the GOP debates in 2012, and Romney offered to bet $10,000 that he was right about the issue they were discussing? Media made a BIIIIIG deal about that one...
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Ted Cruz: Who the Heck is Peter King?

Tweety22 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 5:31 PM
I CREDIT Cruz with the government shutdown... "Credit" is the right word, not "blame" If only the gov't would REALLY shut down
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Slavery Reparations

Tweety22 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 6:27 AM
One question I've always had re: reparations is this: Since about 70% of African Americans are born out of wedlock, and a large percentage of those folks don't even know who their father is, how in the world can they possibly know who their great-great-great grandfather is, and whether that man was a slave or a slave owner? (There were at least 4,000 black slave owners in the South prior to the Civil War)
Democrats have a real aversion to anything having to do with the American flag. This pic must have been taking during the 2012 campaign. If you recall, Obama removed the American flag from his airplane during the campaign and replaced it with an "O" logo. And we know about his problems with flag pins. So yes, it would make sense that the Democrat party would pretend to recognize Flag Day with a tweet that doesn't depict a United States Flag.
Thing is, his golf game should be so much better than it is, given the amount of time he's spent on the links. He still sucks. Can't golf...can't bowl...can't throw a baseball.. but this is the Dems' idea of an athletic person.
Just euthanize the illegal bastages and be done with it. It'll cost a lot less than food stamps, welfare, housing and cell phones for the next 100 years.
That's a LOT of Democrats being pumped into AZ and TX. Attn: Brewer and Perry - have the National Guard ready, and when these illegals get off the bus... blow their *%#(& brains out. Let me know if you need volunteers for the job.
“I’m sorry, we’re doing a science fair - c’mon. C’mon.” Partial Translation: "God forbid I'm asked to think about more than one thing at a time" What a brain this man has. He is truly The One.
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Barbara Walters, Queen of Softballs

Tweety22 Wrote: May 16, 2014 12:28 PM
Heck, even Rosanne Rosanna-Danna was a better journalist than Walters!
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