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Allow me to finish the thought... ....therefore, Costello most certainly is brain damaged.
Since the left was always asking Bush 43 if he would send HIS daughters to Afghanistan and Iraq, I guess we could ask a similar question here... Hey Obama, you gonna send YOUR daughters to help build the Ebola centers?
Obama really, REALLY hates the military.
“This is about the total disrespect white Democrats have demonstrated against the black community,” Ted Hoskins, mayor of nearby Berkeley, told the Post. “This time, we are going to show them.” Um, Mr. Mayor, it's not just white Democrats who "disrespect" the black community and take your votes for granted...it's ALL Democrats, black, white and everything in between.
Alan Greenspan has very poor taste. And it's a safe bet that Andrea leaves a bad taste in his mouth every time
Since Obama and the CDC seem to think there's no danger from Ebola, perhaps the First Family could take a tour of some Ebola isolation wards, just to put our minds at ease. Also, maybe Steve Kroft could interview Thomas Duncan, with no precautions whatsoever... that is, if Duncan ever becomes healthy enough to sit for an interview.
If I were the POTUS, Mexico wouldn't exist today
Well, we could always just note how meaningless a Nobel Peace Prize is in the first place, and move on from there. An empty award to an empty suit.
"...I think in most of their minds 'war is never the answer' " Depends on the question.
Don't you see? He appeared to be unarmed... just like Michael Brown.... except the S.S., unlike the racist white cop in Ferguson, didn't see the need to shoot him needlessly... they showed us all how it's done. Next, we'll hear how he had his hands up and surrendered... :)
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