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omg I totally missed seeing this happen. lol this is hilarious! Especially after seeing Blitzer and Farrow doing the same thing.
Anyone who hasn't made a fool out of Kerry, take one step forward... Not so fast, W
We've not ruled out blowing Lerner's head off either, which would improve her looks exponentially.
I love how liberals talk about "the 21st century" as though they're the only reasons we got here.
The White House Chef has spent more time in the White House than Hillary. Hillary didn't dare run for the Senate from any state she's actually lived in, instead she chose a state with a HUGE Dem/Rep ration of registered voters. ANY Democrat can win a Senate race in NY. She also did absolutely nothing as a Senator (maybe that's good!) and as Sec of State, she was a full blown disaster. There's not one part of the world that is better off after her tenure as Sec of State, least of all the U.S.A.
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Reid & Schumer Took Koch Money, Too

Tweety22 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 9:07 AM
True, even the "House Bank" would accept voided checks from... the KOCH brothers
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Uninstall Firefox

Tweety22 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 4:51 PM
A couple of the ol' Monty Python gang once did a parody film called "All You Need is Cash". It was a "documentary" about a British Group called "The Rutles". Their experience paralleled the Beatle's experience in a lot of ways, including one of the Rutles saying that they were more popular than Rod (Stewart). He was misquoted in the press, who thought he said "God". Anyway, the hilarious part of that chapter in their "history" was that people all over the world were so mad, they bought a bunch of Rutles albums just so they could burn them!
Gee, Obama went to college. Hillary went to college. John Kerry went to college Harry Reid went to college Nancy Pelosi went to college. Sheila freakin' Jackson freakin' Lee went to freakin YALE Jocelyn freakin Elders went to college Conclusion: college destroys brain cells
They're whining all the way to the bank. Jealous much?
While there's no question that Fallon is making fun of Obama, keep in mind that Obama's not running again. Prior to 2012, we didn't see a whole lot of Obama-mocking out there....although God knows there was plenty to mock.
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