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The Left's Ferocious Wolves

tvarga Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 7:43 PM
glenbo02 - personally, my tolerance quotient spiralled down years ago. When is comes to a**holes, libs, progs, radicals here in the US and abroad, I am happily INtolerlant. I'll support your .45 and raise you double. LOL in PA

The phrase “the so-called tolerant Left” has been used so many times that it is almost hackneyed.

The Left hasn’t been tolerant for years. And in episode after episode of instances that I thought I would never see in the United States, it is increasingly becoming not just passé’ to adhere to traditional values, but illegal and in some cases downright dangerous.

Christians take note: depending on your locale, you may be in violation of the law if you do something crazy and that is contrary to the new values of 21st Century America. And by “crazy” I mean stand...