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McLame is embittered because time and the conservative movement have long sice passed him by. He is irrelevant, yesterday's news, a shriveled old RINO who represents only himself. The future of the conservative movement is with the young guns, Cruz, Paul, Barasso, Lee, Johnson, etc.
Screw you for speaking up, RGR.
Or, maybe we could just shove them up your butt, RGR?
Molon Labe, turds-for-brains. Molon Labe!
Do you know that we conservatives pyss on you because you aren't?
So is faggotism, and you are one.
Characteristic of major a-hole: calls itself RGR.
But . . . but . . . YOU ARE evil and inhuman RGR.
Not yours, toilet dweller.
Good night chickencrap!
They're all hookers, just like you.
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