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Obama Votes "Present" on Teachers' Strike

tuttletacoma Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 8:24 PM
opf course comrade hussein won't say anything anti union he has said he fully supports the union agenda has done more to further the union cause has accepted hundreds of millions from union coffers because they know comrade hussein owes them for their support and the fact that comrade hussein believes all employees should be unionized although they represent less then 8 % of all workers

Chicago teachers are paid more than teachers anywhere else in America, earning around $76,000 per year before benefits (  Even so, they've walked out of the classroom, despite being offered a 16% pay increase  ( -- who else in America is getting that kind of raise in this employment market?! So much for the kids in violence-plagued Chicago who have nowhere else to go.

Showing the instincts of a leader, Romney has weighed in on behalf of the kids, parents and taxpayers of Chicago. (