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No, Conservatives Aren't Taking 'You Didn't Build That' Out of Context

tuttletacoma Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 1:29 PM
since comrade hussein hasn't earned his salary as potus because of all the work of others why hasn't it returned it to the treasury or donated it to charity his logic condemns himself, since he is telling us his life is nothing more then having glommed off of others since he hasn't achieved on his own why does he constantly whine about fairness

The president's astonishing and revealing comments in Virginia last weekend have trickled up from the conservative blogosphere to center stage in the 2012 presidential campaign.  A reinvigorated Mitt Romney has seized on the remarks, parlaying the president's candid expression of his government-centric worldview into a focused and effective line of attack.  The Obama campaign, meanwhile, is mired in negative attacks and petty controversies.  The bottom hasn't fallen out of their polling yet, but things aren't looking robust either.  Desperate to beat back Romney's surge in confidence and clarity, the Left has taken to claiming that conservatives are taking Obama's...