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Journo-Tools for Obama

tuttletacoma Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 4:35 PM
I can report a few years back we were in Tampa when a hurricane came ashore Sure it rained a lot and the electricity at my kids apartment went out but our biggest problem was having nothing to do because the cruise ship we were set to sail on was stuck out at sea for 2 extra days unless these things get into class 4-5 they generally pass in a matter of hours besides hurricanes in Florida are almost as common as parasites on welfare and the locals understand how to deal with them

Can we stop calling the hosts of the presidential debates "moderators"? They're left-erators. It's time for the old media godfathers to end the pretense that they're fair and neutral observers of the American political scene. And it's time for the GOP to stop perpetuating these rigged exercises in futility.

Last week, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced the names of 2012's chosen referees: CNN's Candy Crowley, PBS's Jim Lehrer and CBS's Bob Schieffer will preside over the three presidential debates; ABC's Martha Raddatz will host the sole vice presidential debate. While the debate panel trumpeted the gender diversity of its...