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Here We Go: Diane Feinstein to Introduce Legislation to Ban Semi-Automatic Weapons

tuttletacoma Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 2:35 PM
finestains her panties wonder how she is gonna explain how the alleged rifle used in the shootings is legal under Connecticut's ban on assault weapons but then when haven't these imbeciles understood anything they are whining about perhaps fineastains can explain how she exploited a gun death to advance her political career and use it to get to dc now she is just another aged hag, who can't let go of the power she won't let go of seems harvey milk has morphed into a room full of school kiddies

When Congress is back in session in January, California Democrat Diane Feinstein plans to introduce legislation to ban the import, export, manufacturing, sale and transfer of what she calls "assault weapons." Feinstein didn't get into specific detail about what weapons would be affected, after all the term "assault" is a political one and the proper name for the guns Feinstein is trying to ban is "semi-automatic," which can include both handguns and rifles. Feinstein told NBC's David Gregory yesterday that ammunition clips holding more than 10 bullets would be banned should her bill become law.

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