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Great News: Obama Being Called the Lord and Savior

tuttletacoma Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 6:30 PM
let's not forget the midget racist Spike Lee who refers to comrade hussein, as "our black Jesus"
The Artist Formerly Known as Bill Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 6:34 PM
I thought Jesus was black? I'm confused, oh Lord Obama, please enlighten me.
Lance8762 Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 6:39 PM
His buds in the ME find out, he might be splainin' his Jewish blood.

Lance8762 Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 6:31 PM

Obama's nickname used to be the "messiah" but now, Hollywood comedian Jamie Foxx is calling him, "the Lord and Savior."

The worst part? The whole room cheered.