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Great News: Obama Being Called the Lord and Savior

tuttletacoma Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 2:44 PM
keep dreaming black loser, remind us how things are better in America because your black messiah is a committed marxist or is it you are just another limp wristed loser who can't earn in life and needs free health care, paid for by others to pay for your aid's drugs voting for a failed affirmative action loser who didn't earn reelection points put that comrade hussein's handlers simply mastered the art of political attacks but you and the rest of the imbeciles won't be able to change history, your black messiah is a failure who's policies have made everything worse in the country he promised to unify but has divided along race and class lines not that you can understand that, can you

Obama's nickname used to be the "messiah" but now, Hollywood comedian Jamie Foxx is calling him, "the Lord and Savior."

The worst part? The whole room cheered.