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Gibbs Stumped: Why is the President Ignoring the White House Press Corp?

tuttletacoma Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 11:10 AM
benir the marxist party is stuck trying to sell a failed potus and rat face axlegrease cannot spin enough lies and vampire jarrett is nothing more then comrade hussein's handler and lacks the mental acumen to inspire her puppet to come up with a coherent campaign theme and now politico reports comrade hussein also enjoys playing ghetto thug in trying to intimidate others who support his opponents

President Obama hasn't answered questions from the White House Press Corp in months, yet gave an exclusive interview and unprecedented access to Entertainment Tonight last week. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs yesterday why President Obama has shown such a lack of transparency when it comes to his press corp and also asked about Obama's secrecy surrounding Operation Fast and Furious.