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What Went Wrong Last Tuesday

tuttletacoma Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 3:27 PM
what a shock 2 dimwits who blam, racism on the failure of millions of blacks to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of taking responsibility for their lives if blacks were capable of competing in this world affirmative action would be a distant memory of a failed experiment and now blacks are whining that they shouldn't be required to take the SAT or the ACT before given a place in college that their GPA didn't earn welfare food stamps and black on black violent crime are the defining aspects of every city with large black populations

Disbelief is the word that defines the Republican state of mind in the wake of the 2012 re-election of President Barack Obama.

The obvious questions are: “How can Americans have re-elected a president who has presided over an economy where unemployment still hovers at 8 percent ?”

And, “How can Americans have re-elected a president who still doesn’t grasp that his big government policies are what have blocked our economic recovery?”

The Republican Party needs to take responsibility for this disaster.

Nothing in the outcome of this election is a surprise. The realities which produced these election results have...