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why do pols even need armed security where are the incidents that justify this cost being passed on to the taxpayer in fact why is comrade hussein over protected by the secret service, which seems like just more pork spending to make this imbecile feel like he is actually being protected from non existent threats and why does defacto potus, vampire jarrett, who is listed as adviser, get 24/7 secret service protection and why aren't repubs raising these questions, or tare they worried about being called racist's by comrade hussein flacs in the media
why the shock these are the same imbeciles who voted for comrade husein and believe in his goal of transforming America into a big socialist govt where the state decides everything perhaps the trolls can tell us why comrade hussein has in effect become the number one salesman of guns across America seems his lies of bringing America together has been replaced by the reality he is a failed potus who has been the most divisive person to ever infest the oval office but the trolls had better be careful what they wish for. They may find confronting the wrong person will have disasterous consequences for them
finestain is another old senile twit reliving her glories days her political career took off when she exploited the gun death of harvey milk by dan white, when she went from obnscure city council member into nationasl political figure now she is using the connecticut tragedy to push her sel;f into the limelight and to push her lord seems finestain is your typical pol who has used tragedies to push herself into the limelightand savior's anti gun agenda
annfan yet comrade hussein remains the most divisive pol in America After the giffords shooting he called for an end to the hate speech he blamed for the shootings in Tucson, done again by another psycho Yet later comrade launched a scorched earth campaign against Romney and the repubs as he further divided America, so we see his words are again somehwat meaningless On the other hand if his words were meant to comfort those who personally experienced this tragedy, then why did he need to turn it into a political event with himself as the main attraction. Now that this tragedy is still in the headlines we will witness his party playing it for their political benefit A far classier potus would have held a private ceremony
how many times have the trolls called the repubs the party of old white elitist's yet finestain is 79 years old, and has spent a couple of decades inside the beltway and has no real concept of reality outside of dc yet can the trolls name any of the leaders of the marxist party power structure that hasn't reached the age when the mental stability is called into question but as we can recall finestain used a gun tragedy to push herself into the poltical limelight, when dan white killed harvey milk she is just another marxist hypocrite marching in lock step with comrade hussein
yet we can be sure that all the security force that protects the political elites, who need no protection, have whatever firepower is deemed necessary to make sure the elites they protect are always protected but then senile hag finestain is another who believes she is so indespensible she doesn't need to retire despitwe being in her 80's and so out of contact with reality that she blathers on concerning things she has no comprehension of ion her fall election campaign she refused to debate her opponent claiming her opponent brought nothing to the discussion so we witness in finestain another elitist who simply can't be questioned especially how she and her hubby continue to make millions becausde of her senate position
in the cult of personality that is comrade hussein he must thrust hisself into every facet of American life His personality pathology is such that no event can occur without him being a part of it, as if if anything occurs that doesn't embrace him, it has not value Others have projected that the time will come over the next 4 years where we will see billboards around the country with his ugly facve reminding everyone how much better off America is because of him
so the trolls want to sign this idiotic petition they fail to understand that since their lord and savior, comrade hussein started infesting the oval office he alone has become the number one salesman for gun of various types and calibers across America Yet none of the true believers in the cult of the hussein will admit that millions of Americans are worried about comrade hussein's promise to transform America into the country that he believes it should be, as if he is somehow gifted with a vision that socialism and redistribution of wealth and a bigger and more intrusive govt is the answer to every problem
yet we hear these pathetic questions about God and religion from the various idiots that continue to mock religion and the religious beliefs of others Okay so the trolls don't want to belief and think they are being funny by mocking the faith of persons of religion, but that is where their hypocrisy only begins, since they always whine, where is the proof These ytrolls are fully caught up in the cult of personality that surrounds their lord and savior, comrade hussein and how he alone is the answer to all problems and how belief in him will make their pathetic lives have some meaning and if they believe hard and long enough, their reward will be a socialist nirvana and their own personal unicorn
none too bright so the childish twit is again posting how she is just another 12 year old, copying out posts so she can tattle to others' but then she has already proven she is both immature and very limited in her ability to perceive what is happening around her but then she is a comrade hussein acolyte and caught up in his cult of personality but then that marks her as a good little marxist
his mama is on an all liquid protein diet
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