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the left made a movie where they celebrated the death of President Bush and there was no outrage from their marxist party yet the left once upon a time rebelled against more govt intrusion into citizens life, yet today are all lined up to support big govt socialism where the constitution is the problem with America and freedoms will be what comrade determines they should be
he will ask the kind of questions that old fairy reid will refuse to answer but then old fairy reid has no sense of shame and is a world class liar
shows that South Carolina can recognize another conserv at the same time South Carolina is stuck with imbecile clyburn who was elected because of a court ordered gerrymandered district that guarantees a black rep. When Scott wins the election in 2014 he will prove that unlike comrade hussein he doesn't need to use dirty tricks to win, as comrade hussein did with his election to the senate
since the 10 wealthiest states are all blue and all voted for comrade hussein none of the imbeciles should be complaining about the coming tax increases. Yet how many of the evil wealthy pay more then is required under existing tax laws Tax reform is needed but of course comrade hussein doesn';t want to close loopholes for his pals
just asking a redundant question since we know an ounce of lead is a more ready form of home protection as well as keeping the perps out of armed reach
why isn't bohner demanding that old fairy reid pass his mandated senate budgets how can the budget process go forward when the senate hasn't passed anu of their budget's in over 1300 days
comrade hussein wants the whole enchilada, since his handlers have convinced him his reelection is a mndate to turn America into the socialist nirvana of his dreams where success is punished and failure rewarded
speaking of bsdnc does this mean that sgt shultz will be giving up the rifles he has told us he owns oh wait, my bad, guns in the hands of comrade hussein's acolytes aren't a problem to others, since we have witnessed how calm and collected sgt shultz is
gwharpo I have a bat in my garage if I threaten some loser ala al capone from the movie comrade loves to quote from about his followers bringing a gun to a knife fight does that mean I am in possession of a deadly weapon oh wait, hits to the head of a troll will likely encounter the vacuum inside their empty skulls
go back to huffblow loser where your ilk happily posts their hatred of the right and the constitution
why do pols even need armed security where are the incidents that justify this cost being passed on to the taxpayer in fact why is comrade hussein over protected by the secret service, which seems like just more pork spending to make this imbecile feel like he is actually being protected from non existent threats and why does defacto potus, vampire jarrett, who is listed as adviser, get 24/7 secret service protection and why aren't repubs raising these questions, or tare they worried about being called racist's by comrade hussein flacs in the media
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