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BREAKING: Weekly Jobless Claims Jump Up 73,000 to 430,000

tuttletacoma Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 9:01 AM
we warned the voters that disaster was coming if they reelected comrade hussein and they refused to listen believing that abortion free birth control and homo marriage was what mattered most to America Yesterday their lord and savior, comrade hussein told of his plans for a 1.5 trillion dollar tax increase and that he has no plans to cut spending But even a bigger lie is his telling the imbeciles assembled that his plans are for 10 yuears down the road, knowing full well future presidents and congresses are not bound to any deal he fashions today. He is merely kicking the can down the troad and leaving the problem for the next president to deal with and of course he again told us he believes in the globull warming scam

The massive shedding of jobs in light of an Obama re-election has started. Weekly jobless numbers have jumped *up* from 73,000 to 430,000 according to the Wall Street Journal. These job losses come after warning signs this week from the markets and business owners who say they can't afford to keep employees with ObamaCare and the fiscal cliff looming. Hurricane Sandy also had an effect on increasing these numbers.

Sandy drove the number of people seeking unemployment benefits up to a seasonally adjusted 439,000 last week, the highest level in 18 months.

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