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BREAKING: GOP Counters WH Offer on Fiscal Cliff, Embraces Bowles-Simpson Variant

tuttletacoma Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 7:27 PM
rgr aka none too bright strange how we are reading posts from your marxcist pals what will happen if the parasites are getting asny cuts in the free cheese they are giobvgen from the govt'' but since you fully buy into your black messiah's socilaist nirvana, you should hacve no problem paying higher taxes and giving more money to local ffod banks to make sure the parasites are well taken care of like all imbeciles you love all programs that waste other people's money as long as you aren't forced to pay more on the other hand if the parasites resort to looting and burning, my hope would be you are one of the victims

Well, this move by Speaker Boehner doesn't exactly follow my Simpson-Bowles playbook to a tee -- but Erskine Bowles does make an appearance, and Republicans are going on (realistic, reasonable) offense.  In a new letter addressed to the president, House Republican leaders firmly reject the president's non-starter "proposal," pointedly decline to counter with an equally unrealistic wish list, and offer an alternative bipartisan solution: