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Pollsters May Have Fatal Flaw in Obama Romney Numbers

Tusense96761 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 10:29 PM
Obama stole the election, George Sores company in Spain counted our votes from 900 precincts and threw Romney votes out. We knew this would be hard to prove why did we allow Obama largest contributor to count American votes. Who allowed this. Romney says nothing probably because his life is being or his families just like the Clinton's were and the McCains and David Letterman by the Jihad's threatened - arrest Obama the criminal whether it is legal or not throw this man in jail before he destroys America, get Harry Reid's to help or tell him it is the death penalty. Give pelosi the death penalty and all those that have aided Obama in another hoax on the American people. I wonder how many people have committed suicide since he stole the el
As one who polled the 2008 presidential race extensively, it dawned on me, looking at the various "swing state" surveys taken recently, that many pollsters might be making a significant error that results in President Barack Obama with a lead, when perhaps the lead in reality belongs to Mitt Romney.

When surveys are conducted, the people who are interviewed are randomly selected registered (in a good poll) likely voters who are willing to respond. But that just begins the process. Those responses must then be "weighted" or allocated based on some projected model of past or future voter turnout strength. In other...