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DNC Predicts: Romney Winning First Debate With Obama?

tularockstar Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 11:12 AM
Sure DNC! But, Oloser can play 104 rounds of golf, had time to be on Letterman, The View, Jay Leno, and 100-plus fundraisers. But, he barely had time to practice his debate? Give me a break! Like John Sununu said, this President is Lazy and Disengaged! Oblamer will keep looking in the mirror and keep telling himself that he's the greatest! Narcisist-in-Chief!

The DNC is predicting Mitt Romney will win the first presidential debate against Barack Obama this week in Denver. Why? So if Obama totally bombs he won't look as bad.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse tells Fox News he thinks Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will win.

Woodhouse says the way the DNC sees it, challengers win the first debate when they are up against incumbents.

"Mitt Romney has had a lot more time to debate, the president has not debated in the past four years in terms, of a...