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Spoken like a true left-wing commie ba$tard.. yes!
Sure, OMarxist. And, you're not gay either, right? Maybe we should ask Larry Sinclair or those members of the gay bath houses Oloser and Rahm Emanuel belonged to?
You're a left-wing Communist and you are a slimeball pig! Go back to Africa mooron!
After he said that, the GOP jumped on their planes and left D.C. without any real plan. How predictable! When will the House wake up and elect a new Speaker? OMarxist is tearing our country apart and the Republicans just left town, like cowards. So, between now and December 11th, when Congress returns to work we will have another 100,000 illegals crossing our borders looking for amnesty. The Border State Governors need to dispatch their National Guard forces to protect their borders. But, they won't, either. A very sad day in our Nation. And, one can only hope that Communist Obama gets his due. God willing.
This communist of an AG will try to leave his last barb upon the American people. All the while this commie has done nothing to address the intimidation at the polls by the Black Panthers and rampant voter fraud in various swing States. One can only hope this slime piece of feces get his due in the future. He needs to be arrested and tried for treason.
A fumigation campaign is needed in our schools and universities to rid of all left-wing Communist professors and teachers and their anti-America agenda. Our children are being brainwashed and indoctrinated to Socialism, Fascism, Liberalism, Marxism and Communism by these radical facilities that disguise themselves as Learning Institutions!
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Paul Krugman Is Wrong Today

tularockstar Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 3:45 PM
The headline should be: Krugman is still a Communist today, just like any other day.
Of course, this Marxist-in-Chief mentioned nothing about all the unborn babies who were murdered by Planned Parenthood and his left-wing, murderous policies! Hypocrisy and race-baiting are what this communist does best.
Gee, just like he found out about the IRS scandal and the Benghazi murders too, right? Who does this clown thing we are? This putz has his Marxist hand in everything that is going on today. Both he and his puppet master, Valerie Jarrett, had their agenda to destroy America and they carried out many destruction tactics--and this abusing of Vets is just another being played out. Do not be fooled for one minute that Oblamer cares about America and/or Americans! He and his Gestapo minions are in this to do one thing: destroy America as much as he can while in office.
Carney the Clown was definitely bothered by all the lapdog media asking for the truth. But, as a good propaganda minister, this Clown doubles down and then went on an demagoguery offensive against reporters--Fox in particular. His condescending responses were outright nasty. Too bad we didn't have someone in the room with a cream pie. Communist Carney is the biggest clown, next to Oflamer.
Looking at how fat and stupid she's really is, I'd say she's been eating more than a crow. The Communist News Network (CNN) has been feeding her well--with more and more lies. Amazing that her brainless head didn't explode from all the hot air!
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