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If the GOP would get their heads out of their arzes, they would see that the White majority tactic is a joke--at best. How did a White California councilman win his district of over 90% Hispanics? He reached out to them, personally! The same strategy can be done by the GOP! How many GOP candidates have gone to Hispanic TV and radio stations to debunk the lies that the DemorATS have told them for years? Not many! And, it's not only the Hispanics that the GOP has lost. They've lost most Americans, conservatives and independents. Because their agenda and strategy is no different than the RATS'! Look at how many RINOs we have in both houses of Congress? Get rid of them and the GOP will have a chance!
Were the illegals who broke into our homes, raped our women, steal our properties, violated our sovereignty and freeload off our tax money, steal our jobs, burn our flag, demand amnesty--acted out love--or those are just what typical criminals do?
Sorry, but you're wrong. McCain has wore out the POW card with his constituents, and he's now just a rubber stamp for the DemoRATS! He couldn't care less about his citizens as he's now avoiding any Town Halls at call cost.
Sorry, nice try though. AZ is still very much a Red State and we do not consider McLame a Republican by any mean. He's a RINO traitor to this State and constituents.
This is the year to stop donating to any known RINO of both Houses, and McLame is the top left-wing RINO to be booted off his fat @$$! The GOP needs to be revamped to remove left-wing RINOs and those who collude with the DemoRATS and this communist White House!
Want to talk about hypocrisy and double standard? Well, below is a short article about a bar owner in LA, who do not welcome Christians in his establishment. Where's the Gay-Right activists or the ACLU? Discrimination? You Bet! ["Then there’s the case of the West Hollywood gay bar, the Abbey Food and Bar by name, run by one David Cooley. While Arizona thinks of allowing its citizens the right not to serve gays because of their religion, Mr. Cooley has already claimed the right to refuse service to those, who in his view, have voted for “discrimination” against gays. Says Mr. Cooley as reported by the local Los Angeles CBS station: “I want to send a message to all those people out there who conflate Christian values with discrimination: we don’t want your kind here,” Cooley said. “I’ve learned that I can’t stop crazy, ignorant or stupid, but I can stop it from coming through my doors.” The move isn’t the first time The Abbey has waded into state politics: when gay marriage was still illegal in California in May 2012, the bar announced a ban on all bachelorette parties, which it called an “offensive heterosexual tradition that flaunts marriage inequality.”]
Way to go Katie! IDPA is a great way to have fun and practice one's marksmanship too. I've done a few competitions in the past as well. A lot of great shooters out there. Good luck and I hope you do well.
To sum it up, ObamaCare was never about health care. It was about Alinsky's rules of instilling Socialism, Fascism and Marxism onto our country and people. If the Dems knew (and accepted) the real truth back in 2012, Oblamer wouldn't had been elected.
That is what left-wing Marxist, who follow Saul Alinsky, do!
I guess those CBO accountants will now get visits from the FBI, the IRS, the EPA, and the HSA? Because they told the truth?
And, we're still stunned that Harry Sleaze and mop head were still attacking Romney on Bain Capital and his cutting some kid's hair in prep school! Sound familiar?
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