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Hold on guys, Mark is busy typing 'I can assure you..'.
Nope. They don't think there is anywhere to go and they believe there is no one else who wants them, so they will stay with their abusers and claim there is no 'real' abuse going on. It's why a whole generation of Jews died in the wilderness and their children couldn't enter the promised land until their parents were dead. Too much love for Egypt in their blood.
That bunch of boneheaded newbies better read the bill the morning of the vote to make sure traitor John hasn't rewritten it during the night.
Must be why you are too much of a coward to be a christian.
Saudi is under Bush dynasty protection.
One thing about it; we won't have to put up with you in heaven.
You have the right to be stupid and to send your own soul to the Godless place of your choosing.
Wow. A boatload of 'religion of peace' nations. No way. (Sarcasm off)
Had enough of being republicans yet? Had enough of reaching across the aisle? Had enough of dialogue? Had enough of their version of the middle? Had enough of calling liars and thieves your friends? Had enough of being bi-partisan? Have you really had enough yet?
If a child is tired of living with their parents because they don't like being spanked for disobedience, then the parent(s) should pack the child's clothes, minus the game controller, iPod, iPad, cell phone and other electronic devices and drive them to DCF so that they can pick out their bed in the delinquent ward.
Now that's an attitude that needs to go viral!
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