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That works if you only poll perverts.
Wow. An entire article that says nobody likes him and only one vague reference as to the reason(s) why. That sounds like liberal news making.
Maybe its time American christians learned from Iraqi christians and Jordanians.
God bless all the Iraqi christians with the victory of Abraham, Joshua, King David and their armies.
If every man was a hunter/gatherer, then what? Doug already flies to remote locations.
As far as incest is concerned, that ought to be a capital offense. No pardon.
People talk about children of rape. I thought a DNC(I think that's the acronym) was standard procedure for rape victims.
I'd like to live in a state that bans the murder of babies altogether. Life begins at conception.
I meant later than their state allows...
Needs to be a states rights issue anyway. That way if someone wants to kill their baby earlier than their state allows they can go to a more blood thirsty state. Pulling federal dollars away from abortion is the right step. If people want to kill their babies then they can pay for it.
They are enjoying success at UC at Berkley.
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